Coffee Houses

Currently Teen Challenge Albania has several coffee houses in several cities of Albania.

Teen Challenge Albania works closely with its serious partners who carry the same values and have the same compassion in different cities and areas

Coffee house is the philosophy of operation of reaching our fellow citizens with the message of hope and life in different cities of Albania.

Every week we make sure to meet, talk, drink coffee together, listen to different needs, pray, address and refer cases who are hopeless and in various addictions.

There are individuals who have become part of our rehabilitation program, from the meetings that take place in these coffee houses.

In a close relationship with our local and foreign partners, we try to provide food aid on a monthly basis for about 50 families in the city of Tirana and Korça.

Individuals and families, we try to help, belong to every social group, to most of social classes, religious beliefs and nationalities.

We believe in what we do and we do it with love.

Coffee House in Tirana

Coffee House in Korça

Coffee House in Berat