Drug rehabilitation center

Qender Rehabilitimi

Although we are a relatively small country, currently in Albania, according to data compiled by a study for young people in our country, the number of drug users and abusers in our country from extrapolated data is estimated at around 70 – 80 thousand individuals. The Shelter Center is a rehabilitation center for drugs and a group of addictions, which was opened by the organization Teen Challenge Albania. In the Shelter center, individuals who have been caught by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction are rehabilitated. There are many individuals and family members who ask us: how can we recover from drugs, or how to quit drugs? Is there a way out? Is there a drug to quit drugs? Our answer is come and join our rehabilitative and transformational program, we are seeing the lives of individuals with various problems as a result of addictions that are gradually changing! There is no treatment or short-term cure for an addiction that has coexisted with the individual for years. Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction is a behavioral problem with deep roots in the spiritual and emotional aspect. Our center with a holistic approach looks at the individual as a whole: body, soul and mind. Every individual who is addicted, has built such behaviors that orient the individual towards a vicious cycle so much that they make it difficult to get out of it on their own with drugs or simply with a detox. Also, the thought that just closing somewhere for a while is not enough without the part of awareness and building new habits. This requires time and dedication of the individual and of many actors. We believe that the consumption of addictive substances is the result of many factors: socio-psychological and deeply spiritual. The routine of an individual caught in the grip of addiction will be all the same. will also bring the same results, so our program is ideal in the way that it gives the individual the opportunity to disconnect from external influences, offers him an environment without such irritants and moreover gives him the opportunity to build a routine that serves his life, renewal and reintegration. Teen Challenge Albania program is the answer we have for this group of addictions.