Welcome to streha

Testimonies of our daily work from the streets to the center 

“I wonder where you find so much passion to help my brother change his life”.  Sister of a student 

“Thank you for praying for us, it really tells me that God loves me and care about  my son!” – The mother of a boy in coffee house. 

“Thank you for not forgetting us” – A drug addict. 

“You are collecting a lot of blessings by all the parents because of the help you are  giving to our sons.” – From a mother of an addict. 

“I can’t forget how good I felt when I was part of the coffee house meetings, I  can’t wait to get out of prison and start the program.” – From a prisoner. 

I met a man in our weekly activity in prison and he told me about the prayer time at Teen Challenge Coffee House, – they have been taking care of me”- said the  prisoner. From a prison chaplain.

Commit your works to the Lord. Proverbs 16: 3 a 

(Photos of the ruined house) 

Everything started to arise from a group of abandoned ruins. God has taught us  during these last 11 months to walk by faith for small and big things.  

God has amazed us. 

(Photos of the repaired house) 

We are very happy to share with you the inauguration and the beginning of the  rehabilitation center STREHA.  

A group of church leaders and evangelical organizations participated in the inauguration and celebration of STREHA together with brothers from Europe Teen  Challenge, from the USA, Portugal, Slovenia, Netherlands, etc. We worshiped and  celebrated together and dedicated this new beginning to God. March 2020

“Co Vid – 19…” 10 days after the celebration of the center we had the lockdown.  

As in many countries, we were forbidden to have gatherings and activities. We  needed permission from the police to even get food in the market. This made it  difficult to run the 4 coffee houses and to meet with the guys. The only way to get  in touch with them was by delivering food parcels at their homes and short  encouragements. In collaboration with Food Bank Albania we are helping with food parcels some  families of the addicts in different city of Albania. We called them weekly sharing Bible verses and praying for their families by phone calls. 


In June 2020 we received the first student! 

It was a beautiful and challenging emotion for both, the student and us.  

We run the center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the center is full of prayer,  worship, bible study and  

practical work.  The student’s biggest fear was quitting smoking and  the discomfort of quitting drugs.

Now he is in the 3-rd week,  with no desire to smoke. He was so surprised by  himself!

Prayer are very much appreciated at this time, to see him and the others  experiencing God and to start a new life! We have a long waiting list, and a big  desire to help them all.  

Four coffee houses are working mainly one to one sharing the good news with  guys and the possibility of a new life. The  

leaders of the coffee houses are volunteers and have a heart for the addicts. One of the local church is more  

open to receive these guys without  judgment.  (Planting some goods at the land that  surround the center) 

Can we trust God together that: 

∙ Students in the program will be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus and start a  new life with integrity. 

∙ Staff that find joy in every work they do. People with integrity that will impact  the students and beyond, the Albanian society. 

∙ Protection for our staff and volunteers as we all are working in a battle field. You can contribute in the projects below to help the students getting new skills: 

a) Poultry farm in the center 

b) Greenhouse to cultivate vegetables during other seasons 

c) Beehives 

 * Feel free to ask. We have a detailed plan for each project. d) Support a student. 

 Many of the guys that apply for the center do not have a family support   or state support. Our desire is to receive every guy without restriction   because of the lack of economics. 

Would you like to partner with Teen Challenge Albania? If so, please let me know